Granby Youth Lacrosse
by Emily Olchowski posted 11/29/2012

     Lacrosse is by far my favorite sport. The feeling of running down the field with the ball in my stick, crowd cheering, it’s just amazing. I love it now, even more than I did when I started playing in third grade. Each year, more girls joined our team, probably because they heard how much fun we were having. By my Eighth grade season, we had 33 girls on our team. Instead of having cuts, our coaches divided the teams into 3 squads and we scheduled more games. I adored GYL, and if I could, I would do it all over again.

     My teammates and I got really close during the lacrosse season. We had so much fun together at practice, games and especially tournaments. Our team wasn’t made up of just Granby kids. We took girls from Hartland and Southwick because their towns didn’t have a lacrosse program. I have a really good friend from Hartland who didn’t start going to our school until this year, but because of lacrosse, she had already made a lot of friends . Throughout intermediate and middle school, you play with girls from the grade above or below you, which I really liked. Starting school as a freshman this year , it was nice to have a connection with girls in the grade above me, who had been my teammates. It made me feel better about moving up to the High School.

     The coaches were another reason I enjoyed lacrosse so much. They were very encouraging and supportive. They focused on developing our skills and working hard, not just winning. They made it fun for us and taught us the importance of good sportsmanship. I think they had as much fun as we did.

     Lacrosse is the fastest game on two feet, so you can bet that you will be in great shape while playing. We run a lot, but you almost don’t realize it because it’s that much fun. It’s all about the goal: scoring one or saving one. I recommend playing lacrosse because it’s a lot of fun, it keeps you in shape, and you’ll make a lot of friends. Come play!

     Registration for GYL will be in December for boys and girls grades 1-8